Learning JS Properly – Study Group Index

Edit: Thanks for stopping by visitors from the Reddit study group! I’ve moved my blog on over to my own domain over at codingisbananas.com. Come visit me over there for all new posts!

Here’s a compilation of all of the links for the course which I’m using to keep organized. I’ll keep it updated as the weeks progress.

Announcement and Index on Reddit:

Assignment Posts:

Week 2 Discussions: [CURRENT]

Week 0 Discussions:

Week 1 Discussions:

1 thought on “Learning JS Properly – Study Group Index

  1. hallbd16

    Props! I am in a similar boat, I am learning programming, am writing a blog to track my transition into the field. I just stumbled onto javascript is sexy and then saw your post on the reddit study group. Figured I would check in.
    I’ll be stopping by here often to comment. Feel free to check out my wordpress spot, http://www.briandavishall.com... so far all I have is spamming robots as visitors.


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